Preconstruction Intelligence

The Join platform enables teams to make better design and construction decisions and unlock dramatic improvements in project delivery by connecting projects and people to data.

Kelly Ortiz, Estimating Manager

Join has helped focus our conversations with the client around how we can improve the project outcome as a team.

Kelly Ortiz, Estimating Manager
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Focus on Value

The preconstruction phase of a project is the best time to evaluate options that will add the most value to your project. Too often, this turns into a complicated process focused more on cost instead of value and difficulty demonstrating progress towards your goals. Join is here to help.

Easily measure results

Join automatically calculates trends throughout a project so you can focus on creating value, rather than spending time creating materials to present it.

Ongoing transparency

Increase transparency and accountability for preconstruction decisions by giving the full team access to relevant information to match their role.


Centralized communication allows anyone from the team to contribute new ideas in an organized way without bottlenecks. Decisions can be prioritized, assigned, analyzed, and made with more information and speed.
Jeff Good, Director of Preconstruction

The owner absolutely loves it.

Jeff Good, Director of Preconstruction

Join helps the entire project team

Join is used by contractors, designers, owners and suppliers on any project type, delivery method, or project phase. Regardless of whether optimization for building decisions happens as an explicit value engineering phase or as an ongoing part of design and preconstruction collaboration, Join streamlines that process, enabling it to happen earlier when it can have the most beneficial impact.

Contractors & Project Teams

Contractors, designers, and the rest of the project team use Join to discover, track and analyze ideas and their impact in real time. Join creates presentation materials, detailed logs, and historical reports that make you look amazing in front of owners and win more business.

Owners & Developers

Derisk your project using Join’s automatic impact calculations and dashboards to clearly show progress towards your project objectives. Detailed logs with specific information about each decision, and the reasons why they were made, provide owners and developers a complete source of truth.


Gain insight into how your products are perceived and why they’re approved as they move through the decision making process. Suppliers, manufacturers and distributors use Join to identify new opportunities, connect to decision makers early in a project, and save time by engaging with the right people throughout a project.

Make better decisions with preconstruction intelligence.

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